Erin: Resident Artist

Services offered:

+ Custom Tattoos

+ Ornamental and Fine Line Tattoos

+ Art Classes and Workshops

+ Cover-up Tattoos 

+ Floral Tattoos 

+ Animal Tattoos 

Angela: Holistic Aesthetician

Services offered:

+ Holistic Facials 

+ Pedicures 

+ Holistic Nutritionist 

+ Simple Skincare

+ Holistic Aesthetics 

+ Reiki 


Kelly: Tattoo Apprentice

Services offered:

+ Custom Drawings

+ Realism Portraits 

+ Social Media Support 

+ Cheer Squad 

+ Available for Art Commissions 

+ Apprentice Tattoos as of May 21st, 2024


Erin: Resident Artist 

“Hi there, I’m Erin- owner and tattooer at Magnolia Tattoo Collective.
I opened Magnolia to create a space that supports community, local makers and artists and to further involve myself in the community of Airdrie and be closer to home and my family after years of commuting. I am a seasoned tattooer and artist hailing from Okotoks, with over 16 years of expertise in the tattoo industry. I also hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Alberta College of Art and Design, now AUArts. I work primarily in illustrative or semi-realism, as well as ornamental styles,

using both colour or black and grey. 
Beyond my creative drive, I harbour a deep fascination with psychology, particularly in understanding the intricate dynamics of child-parent relationships and mental health. In the future, I hope to complete my Art Therapy Diploma and offer accessible mental health care through art to children and adolescents.”

Angela: Holistic Aesthetician

“After 23 years of working with women and their skin, I still love the changes that can happen in just a single treatment. I believe in aging as healthily and as gracefully as possible, in locally sourced skin care simplicity, and in nourishing our bodies from the inside and the outside. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it needs just as much care + attention as the rest of our organs:) as a holistic aesthetician, holistic nutrition consultant, reiki master, certified relationship coach and birth doula, I believe that there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to skin care, to food choices, or to the support we need. I want to be here to help you find what works best for YOU, your skin and your lifestyle.”

xo, Angela

Kelly: Tattoo Apprentice

“Hi there! My name is Kelly.
Creativity has been my constant companion since childhood. Whether it’s painting, sketching, or experimenting with different mediums, art is my way of capturing the beauty in everyday moments. This passion has led me to tattooing. I’m fascinated by the art of tattooing, drawn not only to its rich history and cultural significance spanning thousands of years but also to the exciting innovations shaping its future. Exploring the intricate stories behind each tattoo and meeting new people keeps me inspired.
Beyond creativity, My love for music is vast, with artists spanning from Mild High Club, BADBADNOTGOOD, SAULT and Amanaz. My playlists are a mix of Soul, Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Arabic, Brazilian funk, and more. I’m also rooted in a plant-based lifestyle. As a devoted wife and mother, family is my anchor, and my kitchen serves as the centre where these worlds connect. A meal in my home is incredibly important; we sit, listen to music and chat about our days. I am also an ardent activist, advocating for positive change alongside my family. In essence, I strive to create a welcoming space in my life where those I interact with feel heard, respected, and embraced.”